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“A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education.”- Smiley Blanton


Mamta Tamakuwala urf Bhavna Tamakuwala is a proud owner of Rajesh Dresses. They sell fancy dress costumes and navratri dresses on rental basis. She is into the business since 1995. The business was started with only 16-20 dresses and slowly increased the stock to around 500. Today, Rajesh Dresses is one of the most popular shops in the whole of Valsad district. She is married to Ramesh Tamakuwala and is blessed with 3 Laxmi’s- Mitali, Jalpa and Unnati.

She was born in Navsari, Gujarat in the year 1970. She has a younger brother. Her father used to work with a company and later started up his own mill to make flour. The business was going well and the kids always got things they ever wanted. But what they missed the most was the freedom. Both the children were not allowed to go to friends place or on picnics. No birthday parties and no roaming around. The parents did take them around places and got them all presents and things they required, but they never had any freedom of speech or action. The restrictions that were put on them made Mamta a very reserved girl as she never got a chance to go out in the world. She studied in a girl’s school, from where she finished her 12th. After 12th when she was just 17 years old she was married and could not continue her studies further. At the age of 18 she was already a mother.

Her life after marriage was completely different. It was better. Her family is very supportive and is always besides her in adjusting to the new place. They always encouraged her to get into the family business. The person to encourage her the most was her mother-in-law. In 1995, both the brothers separated the financial and the business. They took over the business of Rajesh saree. At first they sold sarees on installment basis and side by side also had some 16 chanyacholi which they sold on rental basis. She with her husband and mother-in-law got into the business of saree. But she took more interest in the fancy dress costume business and learnt everything about it. Later they completely changed the business from sarees to Rajesh Dresses. She was not even a graduate nor had any experience of running a business but still at this point she runs it successfully. She is so good at it that after some years from starting it, the husband started up a travel agency of his own and she handles the dress business. She is very curious in learning things. Even though she has never done any kind of accounting or billing work she brought new ways of keeping records. Initially her knowledge about the different leaders and politicians and culture of all states in India was low and to overcome it she stuck pictures so as to have an idea of the dresses. She kept on innovating. She always kept the shop very organised and hygiene too.

Customers for her are like God. She gives personal attention to all the customers and tries and full fills everybody’s need. Even if the customer comes at 10-12 in the night she would not deny them of any service. Even during family occasions she informs the customers and delivers the order on time. Till date she has never missed on any of her orders.  She brings new stuff in the shop every year and travels to distant places like Ahmedabad and Palitana to get new costumes. In the beginning they didn’t had much financials so both the husband and wife used to travel in local trains and carry all the stuff themselves. She has become very popular among all the schools and colleges in the Valsad district. Recently in the year 2011, the shooting for the serial Shobha Somnath ki was happening near Valsad. The director bought 50-100 dresses from her for the shooting of some particular episode. Even in year 2012, one of the schools in Kapdada, Dharampur rented 300-400 dresses from her for their function and she was also invited personally to attend the event.

Her life brings forth the fact that when you have support from your family, you can do anything. Nothing is impossible. You just need the curiosity to learn and act. From a business perspective, she teaches us that customer should be treated as King: it’s only because of them that the business works and grows.