“You are never a looser until you quit trying”. – Jane Addams


50 year old Vanita is still as energetic and lively as she was as a young child. She does her work with complete zeal. Currently residing in California, USA with her husband and children she works at a Motel and earns the living.

She was born in Limbuda to a farmer. Although not born with a silver spoon, she always felt that she had the freedom to do what she liked. The parents never restricted her of education and tried their best to provide the necessary education. She helped her parents in farming and household chores. Not having enough money they couldn’t afford a servant and so she used to work in the day time after school and then study at night. Work in morning and study at night became the daily routine. After schooling she went on to pursue her graduation in BA. But when she was in her last semester of SY BA, she had to stay at home as the father didn’t have money to pay for the hostel fees. She did self study and went to college to just give her exam. After her Second year when she was 23years old, she got married to an NRI.

She had to stay with her in laws for 18 months before she shifted to USA. When she shifted to USA, she was lucky enough to shift to her own house with all the relatives besides her to help her settle in a new country. When she landed first, she felt it very different. She was from a village so the culture and lifestyle was a complete change for her. She didn’t even know how to speak English which made it a little difficult for her. She cried alone in the bathroom, feeling embarrassed as she couldn’t understand what people spoke, neither did she know how to speak. But she dint give up or just cry, rather she joined an English speaking course. She did it for 3 months and learned how to speak English fluently. In just one month of going there, she took up a job with a cable company. She was first placed in the packaging department and later was promoted as an operator. She worked Monday to Saturday 5 to 5 and then in evening did the cooking and other household work. She never escaped from working hard. Everything was going good but then suddenly there came financial crisis and they had to sell of their house and then moved in a motel. The husband opened up a liquor shop and then later started up his own business of laundry. They stayed for 12 years in a motel and then when business started working well they bought their own house.

Life was going good thereafter. They have 2 sons. Although born in USA, the kids always carried the Indian culture in their heart. The elder son played football and got much sponsorship and with that money he financed his studies. He also did part time work to support his parents. Even the younger son followed his brother. Both the sons took medical as their field of study. Everything was going good, but in year 2007 recession strike America. During that time, the business started making losses. They couldn’t find customers and slowly slowly they got under debt. But this was not it. Later in December 2009, something terrible happened which changed their life forever. They lost their younger son in a car accident. He was just 21 years old when he met with a horrifying accident. It is as if they got a lifetime of pain and punishment. At this point of time, the business went completely in loss, the husband fell sick and they lost their son; everything came up at once. But even after all this troubles she never gave up. She stood firmly against it. The loss of the son is irreversible but they are strong enough to fight it. They sold of their business and the house and shifted back to a motel again, from where they are again rebuilding their life. Things have already started to fall in place. The motel is working fine; the elder son is doing great in his study and also does his internship. He also got engaged some months back, bringing little happiness in the family.

Life always puts lot of problems in front of us, but Vanita teaches us that we have to fight them and not give up. As said by Jane Addams, “Anyone can give up; it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength”.


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