“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.” ― Lao Tzu


Craving for knowledge is what defines Geeta Vachhani. 42 Year old Geeta is married to Piyush Vachhani and is a proud parent of Helly and Anirudh. Her thirst for knowledge led her to learn many different art forms and the list includes Cooking, Sketching, Hand work, Tailoring, Mehandi art and Parlour art. She never said no for any opportunity that came her way. Even Benjamin Franklin once quoted “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

She was born in a small village in Gujarat named Dhank. She had two elder brothers and being the youngest she was the most pampered kid. Her father was a successful businessman and so the family never had difficulties fulfilling their needs and wants. Father believed that as she grew, she brought good luck to family in all ways of life. But due to drought condition in the village they had to move to Talala city in Gir when she was 5 years old. She finished her11th standard in Talala and did her 12th in Rajkot. She was never denied of doing anything or learning anything. Father always believed in gaining as much knowledge as one person can and that’s what Geeta always did. Geeta was also a very active girl. She took part in many different competitions. She stood 1st at state level in colouring competition and 2nd at district level in Slow cycling competition. As she moved to her college level, in her first year of BA she took hold of all the different short courses like Mehandi art, parlour art, hand work, toy making and tailoring. But all her knowledge went in vain as she had to leave her studies and get married finishing only FY BA.

Life after marriage was not easy as it was before. She was married in a joint family of 18 people and that asked her for adjustments, sacrifices and compromises. Geeta who never did any household work learned each and everything never complaining of any load. But the workload was so much that she never got time to think of herself. It was as if she forgot who she was. She had immense talent and knowledge but never got the family support to do something. What she always got to hear was “Why do you need to work”. But no one understood that it was not the need it’s the ambition, it’s the desire to do something in life, to make life worthwhile. Later she moved to Valsad and now that she had to only look after her husband and the two children she always tried giving the kids what she never got. She went against her husband’s decision and taught her daughter kathak using the money she received on any of the occasions be it Rakshabandhan or marriage or her piggy bank. She also tried for ICICI prudential life insurance agency for which she studied for the exam and passed but unfortunately it didn’t work out. She then later worked for Amway for 5 years. She says “one should always keep doing some or the other thing and never sit idle”. Now that she is a relaxed mother as both the kids have grown up, she has immense time for herself. She now took up tailoring as her part-time work. She has been doing it since 2-3 years now and enjoys what she does and that way she acts as a support to her husband. Books are her best friend as lots of her time is spent reading books or magazines or newspapers. She believes that education or knowledge gained is always helpful. It makes a person strong enough to face any difficult situation. She says “If there is storm don’t run away from it as knowledge says that what has come has to go. So just stand firmly and sooner the storm will be gone”. The thought process that she has developed overtime is a result of her curiosity for knowledge.

In all her life points out a very good thing, we all should grab as much knowledge as we can as you never know when it will be helpful in your future. She also said that when asked by someone “do you know this thing?” never say “I don’t know” rather say “I will learn it”.


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