“When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.”- Steve Pavlina


“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work”- Harry Golden

Kavita is a housewife married to Nareshkumar Vachhani and blessed with four kids. She is a resident of Valsad a district in Gujarat. Active, happy go lucky, talkative and strong are the characteristics that define her.

Born to a farmer with 5 siblings, she had limited resource to fulfil her dreams. Being in a family with 8 members, she usually had to divide and share everything from food to toys to clothes and books with all, unlike us who are born with silver spoon and have everything for our self. From the very early age she has been helping in all the household and farming work. She always excelled in anything she did be it farming, household or studies. She was a very brilliant student and always enjoyed reading beforehand. During exams her list didn’t include only studies but also had all household work. She had two papers in a day and between these papers she used to come home for lunch and then help washing utensils and finish other household chores. With all the troubles that came in front of her she stood 1st in 10th Boards in the whole district. Although the father had less finance, he never stopped the children’s education. After her schooling, she went to Gurukul Mahila College in Porbandar where she did her Bcom. She was a person who believed that money should not be wasted on useless things and was never a wanna be kind person like the present generation youth. She only had two pair of clothes and a tooth paste for the whole year and soap for 1 month but still never complained for anything but rather found happiness in all the small things. During her college days she was honored as the best National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadet and was invited to Delhi.

Being the eldest daughter-in-law, she took responsibilities of the whole family from the start. Her mantra in life is taking care of her family. She has never said no to anything. She is always on her toes to learn and try new things. Experience is what she craves for. Her life is filled with all kinds of good and bad experience which has shaped her and made her strong enough to fight the problems in life. One such problem was when her husband was diagnosed with diabetes. It required her to give 110% attention to her husband rather than her 4 young children. But she never gave up. She fought confidently with all the hardship that came her way. Her purpose was to get her husband healthy again for which she did every possible thing she could. She always kept gaining knowledge of how to get diabetes in control. She did it to such extend that now she is called “Diabetes doctor”. Her husband is now blessed with good health. It would not be wrong to say she is the life saver for him. Even at the age of 52 she still is the same, energetic, full of life and active. She is still the first person to wake up and the last person to sleep.

To sum it up, her life teaches us that a person’s success or failure depends on the hard work he/she puts in not on the facilities or resources available. Life is never easy for anyone, but the way we stand in front of the troubles makes life easy or difficult to live.



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